Stop homelessness the delicious way

STREAT is a social enterprise that provides homeless youth with the life-skills, work experience and training they require to start a career in the hospitality industry. Our Melbourne based cafes, catering and coffee roasting businesses provide the venues (and some of the funds) needed to support these amazing young people.

Take a look at our opening times and locations, and pay us a visit! According to our customers, you’ll find our food and coffee is actually delicious!

Or, if you prefer, shop on-line and we will deliver you some more goodies!

STREAT’s founders, Rebecca Scott and Kate Barrelle, were inspired by KOTO, a training program and restaurant providing street youth with job opportunities in Vietnam. They kick-started STREAT in 2010 with two small food carts in Melbourne’s Federation Square and a class of nine trainees. STREAT has grown rapidly and now sold around 500,000 meals and coffees and provided almost 5,000 days of training and work experience to over 100 local street youth. Many have gone on to further education or found their first job. Two trainees from that first class are now fully qualified Chefs in Melbourne.

STREAT also recently won a national award for being Australia’s Most Innovative Social Enterprise.


Sleepless Success - Thank You

Picture by Darren HenryFriday's Sleepless in September event at Melbourne Central was a great success - and thanks to all our wonderful supporters, partners and staff for making it such a unique experience. Lots of great music and great conversations and great creativity. 

Over 150 people took part up until about 11 pm - then about 60 hardy souls slept out all night. Everyone has done an amazing job raising funds too. 

So far 132 everyday heroes have taken the total to almost $47,400 and we are are trying to get to $50,000 by the end of the month head to - no rest for the wicked yet!
The night's highlights included:
  • 6 fantastic musicians - closing with haunting classical piano at 1.30 am above the streets of Melbourne
  • 5 hour street art illustration by Ted Takeshi Dore 
  • The School of Life workshop on how to make a difference
  • Creation of a unique 8 metre long book book called 'Home STREAT Home' 
  • The knitting of a blanket for the homeless, square by square
  • Great conversations about home and life - before and after sleeping bags hit the tiles at 2 am ish

The Lord Mayor wrote the first entry in the book, mentioning his time at boarding school. Many others also wrote and illustrated their thoughts on 'what home means'. 

There are some beautiful contributions from young and old. The book is almost full and will live on and grow continuously (we have a number of volumes planned) and has been registered on Book Crossing - which enables the book's life journey to be traced and tracked and seen on-line. We'll let you know when the the book will make its next appearance (we'd love you to make an entry).

Picture by Darren Henry