Stop homelessness the delicious way

STREAT is a social enterprise that provides homeless youth with the life-skills, work experience and training they require to start a career in the hospitality industry. Our Melbourne based cafes, catering and coffee roasting businesses provide the venues (and some of the funds) needed to support these amazing young people.

Take a look at our opening times and locations, and pay us a visit! According to our customers, you’ll find our food and coffee is actually delicious!

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STREAT’s founders, Rebecca Scott and Kate Barrelle, were inspired by KOTO, a training program and restaurant providing street youth with job opportunities in Vietnam. They kick-started STREAT in 2010 with two small food carts in Melbourne’s Federation Square and a class of nine trainees. STREAT has grown rapidly and now sold around 500,000 meals and coffees and provided almost 5,000 days of training and work experience to over 100 local street youth. Many have gone on to further education or found their first job. Two trainees from that first class are now fully qualified Chefs in Melbourne.

STREAT also recently won a national award for being Australia’s Most Innovative Social Enterprise.


STREAT's Gold Medal winning coffee

Luke and Michael

STREAT wins Gold - in Australia’ s most prestigious specialty coffee awards!

The 9th annual Golden Bean Coffee Roasters Competition was held in Port Macquarie recently and we are excited to announce that STREAT won GOLD in the Decaffeinated(Latte) category for its organic decaf and BRONZE in the Milk Based(Latte) category with its Social Blend.The Social Blend also won SILVER in the same category in the 2013.

These awards are testament to the great roasts and blends the STREAT coffee team have been consistently producing for a number of years now.Take a bow Luke and Michael! It is especially pleasing given the strength and breadth of the competition, with so many of Australia’ s major brands being represented.There were 22 finalists in the decaf category alone!

Many of Australia’ s top judges worked across a whole week tasting over 1200 different coffees from 12 categories - making the Golden Bean the world’s largest coffee roasting competition.Winning medals in this company is an incredible achievement for a boutique coffee operator like STREAT and proof that a passionate social enterprise can more than match it with the big boys.STREAT is Australia’ s only non - profit coffee roaster.

Congratulations also to all the other winners and thanks to the Café Culture team for staging another brilliant event.We look forward to being back in the fray again next year!

Tasty notes on the Gold Medal winner

STREAT's Gold Medal winning decaf is a 100% chemical free and certified organic Peruvian coffee produced using the Swiss Water Process. It makes a slightly sweet and well balanced cup with delicate mandarin acidity and a creamy body. Up-front chocolate flavours give way to plum, malt and a caramel finish.


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