Stop homelessness the delicious way

STREAT is a social enterprise that provides homeless youth with the life-skills, work experience and training they require to start a career in the hospitality industry. Our Melbourne based cafes, catering and coffee roasting businesses provide the venues (and some of the funds) needed to support these amazing young people.

Take a look at our opening times and locations, and pay us a visit! According to our customers, you’ll find our food and coffee is actually delicious!

Or, if you prefer, shop on-line and we will deliver you some more goodies!

STREAT’s founders, Rebecca Scott and Kate Barrelle, were inspired by KOTO, a training program and restaurant providing street youth with job opportunities in Vietnam. They kick-started STREAT in 2010 with two small food carts in Melbourne’s Federation Square and a class of nine trainees. STREAT has grown rapidly and now sold around 500,000 meals and coffees and provided almost 5,000 days of training and work experience to over 100 local street youth. Many have gone on to further education or found their first job. Two trainees from that first class are now fully qualified Chefs in Melbourne.

STREAT also recently won a national award for being Australia’s Most Innovative Social Enterprise.


Sleepless In September

Sleepless 2014

Living without a home

Sleepless in September is STREAT's annual campaign that brings together people and organisations from across Australia to help stop youth homelessness. The campaign isn’t just about raising critical funds for local homeless youth projects. It's also about raising awareness and starting conversations around solutions to homelessness, it's about bringing the issue home.

Bringing the issue home 

Throughout September people will be creating small Sleepless events within their homes, workplaces or schools. It’s as easy as starting a team with a few friends and perhaps arranging a simple meal and inviting people to join you, to support your fundraising, and to start some conversations about what 'having a home - or not having one' means to each of you.

How can you help?

It's easy to go Sleepless - and you don't have to create your own team or event.

You can just register as an individual and easily create your own page (here on this site) and raise funds with your friends, family and colleagues.

If you are keen to really help us stop youth homelessness then you can easily start your own team of supporters and even create your own Sleepless event.

And you don't have to actually sleep-out all night either. We call it going:

It's entirely your choice.

Step 1. Get Started to find out how to register or start a team.

Step 2. Get Involved for ideas on creating your own Sleepless event.

Go Sleepless at Melbourne Central

If you are in Melbourne you might like to join us at our big 'Sleepless at Melbourne Central'event on Friday the 19th of September. Click on Main Events for the details.

Help the homeless in your state

This year our goal is to raise $150,000 for youth homelessness projects across Australia. In Victoria the money raised will help STREAT fund its Youth Programs which currently cost over $300,000 each year.

Funds raised from teams outside Victoria will help support local homeless youth projects within that state, and will be distributed through our partner organisation StreetSmart

All proceeds received from all Sleepless events will go to supporting youth homelessness projects. STREAT runs this entire campaign with the help of some fantastic volunteers and interns from various Universities. A significant value of goods and services are also generously donated by our wonderful partners and supporters. We thank you all.

Who else is going Sleepless?

This year we have hundreds of people doing all sorts of amazing things, including our major partners: 

Many have a whole bunch of different internal teams collaborating and fundraising for Sleepless - and there’s often some healthy competition!

We’d love you to be part of it too!