Our values & mission

In a nutshell....STREAT = Street youth + street food + street culture.

STREAT believes large intractable social problems like youth homelessness and disadvantage are hard to swallow. That's why we work towards a creative, large-scale response. Our foodservice social enterprise is dedicated to providing a supported pathway to long term employment for young people who have been living on the street or at risk of being on the street. We work with others like you to change it - one meal at a time.

We combine wrap‐around social support with industry training and work experience in our cafes. We offer customers delicious coffee and meals.

As a social enterprise all of our commercial activities are dedicated to generating funds to address areas of acute social need. As such, we model a different way of doing business: innovative and responsible market engagement that resolves large‐scale issues while meeting a known consumer need.

Ultimately, we provide trainees with work and life skills.

Our values

Discover - We believe in lifelong learning 
Create - We tackle problems with imagination and passion
Nourish - Our meals nourish customers and youth
Connect - We bring ideas, individuals and communities together
Sustain - We strive for sustainability in all our activities

For more information about STREAT please contact us.