STREAT - An enterprise for good.

Every night in Australia over 105,000 people are homeless.
26,000 are young people aged from 12 to 24.  

STREAT is a social enterprise that tackles youth disadvantage and homelessness by providing the life-skills, support networks, work experience and training young people require to kickstart their lives and a career in hospitality. Our five Melbourne based cafescatering and coffee roasting businesses are the main training venues (and income generators) needed to sustain these amazing young people – and to sustain STREAT.

Rebecca Scott, co-founder and CEO of STREAT, believes every mouthful of our food and coffee should bring about the most social change possible. As she says, 'We'll all devour over 80,000 meals in our lifetime and hardly remember any of them. Few, if any, will be life-changing for someone else. That's something we can change together.'

So, why not pay us a visit! Check out our locations and opening times. According to our customers, you'll find our food and coffee and catering is actually delicious!

Or, if you prefer, shop on-line and we will deliver you some more goodies!

Since 2010, STREAT has served over 750,000 customers and provided more than 6,200 days of training and support for youth at risk. More than 238 young people have now participated in a STREAT program, ranging from 1 day to 1 week to over 6 months. Many have graduated and taken on retail or hospitality jobs, apprenticeships or further education. Some have returned to STREAT for further training. Two wonderful 16 year olds from our first class are now fully qualified Chefs in Melbourne!

Every one of those 750,000 customers has directly helped change these young lives – simply by making an informed choice about where they buy their daily food and coffee and catering.

We'd love you to do the same!


Melbourne 3000 - images of our streets and city

Melbourne 3000 - an exhibition by Patrick Varney

As a professional photographer for over 30 years I have shot all manner of things, predominately in very controlled and contrived way, often to satisfy my client's whims ... Melbourne 3000 challenges the antithesis of that notion... nothing here is controlled or contrived, they are as man has made them, a result of our impact on the world. If the images for a second make you question what is going on here, or think that is strange or somewhat humorous then my job is done.

Patrick Varney

STREAT Cafe Exhibition

Pat is one of Melbourne's best known food photographers and has been for over 20 years.

In 2011 we started dreaming of producing a STREAT cookbook, as part of a Pozible campaign to raise $100,000 to build a new cafe at Melbourne Central. Without Pat's amazing talent and extremely generous nature the STREAT cookbook would never have materialised. His shots turned our book into a work of art - and it turned into a new cafe too!

So we love Pat and we love his work.

The highlights of his latest exhibition - Melbourne 3000 - are on the walls of our Flemington cafe. Drop in and check it out.

Food, coffee, art, people - all doing good.