105,000 are homeless in Australia (1)

  • Homelessness is a major problem in Australia
  • 44,000 of Australia’s homeless are young people aged under 25 years. (2)
  • The average age a young person flees home escaping family violence is 10 years old. (2)
  • The personal cost of being homeless is extraordinarily high
  • With homelessness comes lower educational outcomes, lower income earning capacity, poor health, mental health issues, drug and alcohol dependency, participation in crime and resulting justice consequences and incarceration, social exclusion and alienation.(3) In short, homelessness prohibits young people from reaching their potential.
  • Homelessness is a terminal diagnosis. Instead of enjoying 82 years of life like the average Australian, the life expectancy of a young person experiencing homelessness is reduced to 47 years. (4)
  • The economic cost  to the community is also high
  • The current cost of a young person remaining homeless across their life is $706,264. (5)
  • The economic costs include direct specialist homelessness service costs, welfare benefits and higher income support payments, lost taxation or lower taxes, increased costs of health, mental health, drug and alcohol, justice, child protection and eviction costs. The long-term economic impacts include productivity, available workforce and economic growth. (3)
  • Young people experiencing homelessness are desperate to get a job.
  • The majority of young people experiencing homelessness will leave school before Year 10 with no formal education.  57% of these youth are destined for long term unemployment.
  • Despite this, over half of all young people experiencing homelessness (52%) are looking for a job. The major reasons they can’t get one is because they don’t have the skills or education and they can’t get work experience. (3)

STREAT changes the menu for these young people.

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