Most people know us for the work we do with young people. Though we actually have a range of strategic goals in four key impact areas: People, Planet, Profit and Performance. Outlined below are a number of the Planet initiatives we undertake to ensure we minimise our environmental footprint whilst trying to maximise our social footprint.

Inspired by the Wurrundjeri, the custodians of this land for the last 50,000 years, we determined to also tread lighly on this small patch of earth, and also the other places we inhabit now and into the future.   Click below to see STREAT's Planet Plan - We want to ensure that for decades to come STREAT creates goodness for People and the Planet.



  • Our food is hand-made fresh each day and where possible is local, seasonal, organic, fair-trade and preservative and cruelty free. Half of all of our menus are vegetarian.
  • Our produce is sourced seasonally and locally.  
  • We source our produce and goods where possible from local suppliers who love their produce as much as we do. This includes; Saint David Dairy, Green Eggs, Murray River Organics, Daylesford and Hepburn Mineral Springs, Salt Kitchen Charcuterie, Western Plains Pork, Mount Zero Olives, Dobson's Potatoes, Vegetable Connection and Savour and Grace.

Packaging and printing

  • All food packaging is supplied by Biopak and is fully biodegradable. Our catering company uses biodegradable platters.
  • For our printing we use Australia’s leading environmental printer, Finsbury Green, a carbon neutral local printer. Finsbury Green measure, monitor and reduce emissions through their entire operations, then offset the balance through the Carbon Reduction Institute. All printing is undertaken on recycled paper stock using plant-based inks.
  • Recycled paper is used for printing. Office printing is double-sided and predominantly black and white. In 2013 we undertook some rebranding to reduce the use of colour printing within office documentation.


  • 100% renewable energy is used at STREAT’s head office.
  • We changed energy supplier to PowerShop.
  • Energy efficient appliances sourced for fit-outs.
  • Our new Cromwell site will have a very large solar panel array right across its roof.


  • STREAT have been working with architects Six Degrees and Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) in the design of Cromwell Manor to ensure the site is an environmental flagship site. The site contains a wide range of features including an array of solar panels generating electricity, passive heating and cooling, a wide range of efficiency initiatives (windows, insulation, lighting, stoves, hot water).
  • New sites have been fit-out using non-toxic, low VOC paints and chemicals.
  • Wherever possible, site fit-outs are undertaken using reclaimed and upcycled building and furnishing materials.


  • Site selection always considers strong public transport options for both our trainees and staff.
  • Walking, bicycles or public transport are used wherever possible for staff and trainees to travel to and from work, and between sites.
  • All flight carbon emissions offset.

Cleaning and waste

  • Environmentally-friendly cleaning chemicals used.
  • Sites recycle paper, plastic, and metal waste.
  • Our Cromwell Manor will have onsite composting and worm farms. 

There's a whole bunch of other things we'd like to be doing in the environmental sustainability area, including thinking deeply about our own waste stream and the business opportunities that might arise from harnessing its value. If you're passionate about this area too, or have some ideas on how we can further lift our game, we'd love to hear from you!