Life-changing goodness in every cup

Every week across Melbourne, STREAT’s customers consume over 5,000 cups of our delicious medal-winning coffee.

Sadly, there are also around 5,000 homeless young people ‘living’ in Melbourne.

But, cup by cup, kilo by kilo, STREAT’s wonderful customers and wholesale partners are reducing that number, because every cup of coffee helps fund and provide training for a young disadvantaged person.

In fact, since 2010, the nearly two million coffees they’ve purchased have generated over 60,000 hours of training and support for over 900 young people – that’s life-changing!

Ethical Sourcing 

That’s an incredible amount of goodness – but there’s more. The goodness starts with caring for the coffee farmers and their families. Together with our suppliers, we ensure all people involved in producing coffee are treated with respect. That means we carefully select and source specialty coffee beans from small co-operatives and individual estates and always pay fair prices.

Specialty coffee is of a very high grade, and priced above commodity market beans. Buying specialty coffee removes most of the price volatility the farmers face, and this means a better life for the whole coffee farming community.

Consistently High-Quality

Then it’s about caring that each sack of raw green specialty beans is expertly roasted to showcase their unique flavours and character. We have a strict quality control program and to date have produced over 70 tonnes of high-quality beans. By roasting on most weekdays, on either our beautiful small-batch vintage L 12 Probat or our new bespoke 30 kg roaster, we consistently ensure only the best and freshest coffee is delivered to your doorstep.

Wholesale Partners

At STREAT we do everything possible to help our wholesale partners and to help them share in this entire supply chain of doing good – through good coffee.

Our partners already know they are buying high-quality and ethical coffee beans and are therefore supporting the coffee farmers and our young trainees here in Melbourne. We also want them to share this feel-good factor with their own customers – to create even more coffee sales.

To this end, we also offer our partners support with:

  • Staff training and education
  • Coffee selection 
  • Equipment selection, leasing and purchasing discounts
  • Communication materials for their customers and sites

We do not lock our partners into contracts for supply of coffee or equipment.


We currently offer two blends, our medal-winning signature Social Blend (sweet, clean and chocolaty) and the darker, more traditional Deluxe Blend. These blends are balanced to work well on commercial or home espresso machines, and other brewing methods. The blends are seasonal and change subtly as new crops come through and new coffees become available.

Single origins

STREAT roasts Single Origin coffees that change week by week and offer our customers the opportunity to try coffees from many different countries and to taste the unique qualities and flavours that the growing region imparts into the beans. Our recent medal-winning Kenyan Rumata is a great example.

Each of our single origin offerings is traceable and comes with as much information as we can gather about either the farm, mill or co-op from where it was sourced.

Awards won

As a small, boutique roastery we've been delighted to win some very major coffee awards at the Golden Bean National Coffee Roasters Competition over the last few years – against over 1200 commercial producers! We are also the only not for profit coffee roaster in Australia. Congrats to our roasting team for winning the following awards: 

  • Peruvian Swiss Water Decaf – Gold Medal in 2014.
  • Social Blend – Silver Medal in 2013 (Espresso) and Bronze Medal in 2014 (Milk-based).
  • Kenyan Rumuta - Silver Medal in the Pour Over Filter Category in 2016

Pay our roastery a visit

Coffee roasting, much like cooking, requires a keen palate and a curious mind, which certainly describes our Head Roaster Zach Dowse. Most weekdays he's carefully roasting various blends and single origins and constantly tasting and making adjustments to ensure only the best flavours flow from our beans. Come in and have a coffee and watch him in action at our new roastery, bakery and cafe at 66 Cromwell Street Collingwood. Whilst there you can also grab all your necessary coffee paraphernalia.

If you would like any more information or would like to start a conversation about becoming one of our wholesale partners, please get in contact with Zach at