Cromwell is to become the home of dreams for STREAT's young people.

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You probably didn’t know that this but our Flemington cafe site has been known for its amazing coffees since the late 1950s when Giuseppe La Spina bought the Atlantic Furniture Store and turned it

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I am Andy

After the first, second, third night it all became real I actually was homeless. I tried and tried and tried. It became more real each day and I got more worried, depressed, angry. Angry that no one cared. There was a lot of talk, no do. The more it happened the more frustration I had. I felt I didn't exist in the world. ​

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Youth Working

I’ve been a youth worker for more than two decades and have had the pleasure of working at STREAT as the General Manager of Youth Programs. 

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I am Velocity

Today I graduate. Today I actually finish something I started.

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I am PJ

I tried to get a job in a pizza shop, but because of my dyslexia, they fired me on the 1st day.

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I am Jamie

I eat.  But only when I need to.  Right now I haven’t eaten for two days and I don’t feel hungry.

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I am Daniel

I stopped trusting people at the age of six.  I know that’s a weird thing for a six year old to have decided, but life was teaching me not to trust anyone.

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I am Nick

I mentioned making an error with a coffee order. Well, I got it backwards and I messed up your order, sorry about that. You said, “Latte, skinny” and I made it normal. Oh well, we learn from our mistakes.

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I am Allie

I remember the day like it was yesterday, the day when I answered the door early in the morning to three police officers. The next thing I know my dad is in handcuffs, in the back of I police car.

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I am Ahmed

One night when the Taliban came they took my father.  I remember crouching on the floor with my mother and my baby brother and sister and crying, my mother sobbing beside me, my baby brother and sister screaming as they dragged him away.  The Taliban didn’t care.  They just took my father.​

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Bec Scott's TEDx speech

There are moments when as a staffer you sit up and remember why you work with an organisation. Watching my boss Bec Scott deliver her speech at TEDxCanberra is one such moment for me. Watch STREAT’s cofounder and CEO expound on sustainable consumption and making every dollar you spend count. Sunisa

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2015 Social Enterprise Awards

We’re excited to announce that we’ve won an award at the 2015 Australian Social Enterprise Awards.

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