Cromwell Street is the home of dreams for STREAT's young people – a place where they can feel safe and belong.  

It’s also a 150-year-old building that comes with hundreds of amazing stories and characters from its past.

STREAT’s part in that history started in 2013, when businessman and philanthropist Geoff Harris, purchased the property for $2.5m and gifted its use to STREAT for 50 years for $5 per year!

Our collective dream was for it to be developed into a flagship site where STREAT could train and support 365 young people each year. The site would contain:

  • A training academy where young people receive full life-skills support and also train to become baristas, chefs and bakers
  • A high-end café, catering company, artisan bakery and coffee roastery
  • Spaces for private meetings, functions & community activities on weekends
  • STREAT's head office

Well, Cromwell Street is now open!

And in our first year (2016/17) we trained and supported 348 young people!

We hope over the next few years it will also:

  • Achieve financial sustainability –  it fully scales STREAT’s model in Melbourne
  • Underpin STREAT’s future expansion – the site builds critical capacity and infrastructure to support further scaling within Melbourne and Victoria over the coming years.
  • Engage the public on the issues of youth homelessness and social enterprise.

Why not come and share a meal with us at Cromwell Street - it will be life-changing.