I mentioned making an error with a coffee order. Well, I got it backwards and I messed up your order, sorry about that. You said, “Latte, skinny” and I made it normal. Oh well, we learn from our mistakes.

Hi I’m Nick. There are a few things you need to know about me: I’m 18, have an illness and I just had an amazing lunch. Now for all to know – my super doper wacky ingredients I used to cook the most AMAZING AWESOMEST lunch you have to see to believe.

So it all started with a BIG BANG. Back in 1995 a young, chubby, adorable rascal of a kid named Nicholas was born. One of the ingredients I used, which worked for the first time, winning hearts, was Port Adelaide. Yes, I’m an Adelaide boy; we won the 2004 AFL Grand Final.

Now, the second ingredient involved a bit of moving and organisational skills and, of course, time. It starts with some motivation, team work and boxes. The main ingredient was Victoria and the base for this awesome lunch was the most important - South Australia. This is the first part to making this lunch.

So in the process of this lunch I forgot the main ingredient which was… my step mum passing away. But they all say, if there is a will there is a way.

So now for the next ingredient to this lunch that you, yes you, could be adding to sometime soon. This ingredient involves doing some voluntary work in the local primary school for around one year and then meeting an organisation on ‘Sunrise’ (the TV show that is on very bloody early).

Yes, I was awake, surprise, surprise, to check this out. Next ingredient involves walking up to the school and being told again by this organisation named STREAT, “No, this is not your local STREAT. Before you even start this nonsense, this organisation is a non-profit organisation, just like a homeless person.” WAIT… homelessness… where have I heard that before?

I was forgetting to mention that the next ingredient was to make a phone call, and to get this phone number you have to get off your ass and do some work. NO, not housework; voluntary work in a primary school just like I did. 

So a phone call later and another ingredient cooked for the recipe. Yep, not long now til you can eat it and, more importantly, cook it for yourself. So I have made this phone call and been introduced to a kind lady from the street… OH I MEANT STREAT, the organisation I mentioned earlier.

Well, the next step in the recipe is to meet Brenda (who is the lady from the street, oops I mean STREAT, still getting used to this, forgive me… just like I would forgive you for getting my coffee order wrong in a café at Flemington).  The next key ingredient in this awesome lunch is… a STREAT café in Flemington… Yes, you just read right, STREAT has a café in Flemington.

Earlier I mentioned making an error with a coffee order. Well, I got it backwards and I messed up your order, sorry about that. You said, “Latte, skinny” and I made it normal. Oh well, we learn from our mistakes. So now you know that I’m doing work experience at Flemo with a girl named Maddie which has brought me to the next step of this awesome lunch and that is to make a few hundred coffees in around three months. Yep, I can make lattes thanks to Maddie. Then the next ingredient guys - get work experience in the Flemo kitchen.

So in the kitchen, the next ingredient is to make an avocado smash. Yep, done that step, and the next one, then meet Emma and Kirsten to do life skills and some study.

Next ingredient - work experience in the BIIGGGGG kitchen with this guy who has a SCAARY Kiwi accent. He’s a tattooed but not-so-tall bloke named Dylan.

I’ll skip a couple of small steps now but the main ingredient is… get in the production kitchen and get down and dirty. No, I don’t mean to get flour on the floor and roll in it. I mean get cooking, food prep, get your hands dirty, cut up some onions and let your eyes water. That is what I did.

The last thing you need to know about me is… that from my STREAT story I can make a latte and just cooked and ate this most amazing lunch which you can cook now… And that is my STREAT to riches and success story.