I tried to get a job in a pizza shop, but because of my dyslexia, they fired me on the 1st day.

I’ve always loved to cook.

I tried to get a job in a pizza shop, but because of my dyslexia, they fired me on the 1st day. I gave a customer the wrong change – 20c.

Then I got a job in a cafe. On my second day I was trying my best, but not enough for them. They started calling me deaf and stupid.

I kind of gave up and thought I should just stick to child care but could not get a job.

When I found out about STREAT I was like ‘Cool!’

I remember my first interview with them.  I was scared and overwhelmed and had an anxiety attack in the middle worrying that I’d stuff it up the same way I did my other two jobs in hospitality.

I went for my first day on the job in McKillop and they made me feel safe to ask questions and it was even ok if I made a mistake. Not like in other places, where they made me feel stupid.

I loved going in to STREAT. The staff were always happy to see me and I was happy to be there. I felt like I was a part of the STREAT team at McKillop and Sophie even let me make some of the food.

On my last day, I was sad because I thought that it was over and I already felt strong working in a cafe.

Then some STREAT people came and sat me down and started talking to me about the past few months. I’m used to being told I’m wrong and that’s what I thought they were doing.

But it was the opposite. They were telling me how great I was at the job and it would be bad if I never came back. Then they asked me if I wanted to come back next year.

I kind of felt like crying at that point because I’ve never felt like that in a work place and I got to come back to learn about something I love and learn about myself.

I stayed on for another year and I got an RSA certificate, a certificate I and II in hospitality and a STREAT certificate.

But the best bit is that just before the end of my time with STREAT I got a job at a childcare centre as the cook.

No matter what you go through in life you can always find support and people to help.

And that’s my journey.