This amazing map artwork has been a creative collaboration between STREAT’s young people and staff, illustrator and map-maker Alex Hotchkin, staff from the RMIT School of Media and Communication, and a host of creatives.

The map's initial use was for the Christmas wrapping paper at Melbourne Central (thanks to our partners GPT). The map features and connects street stories in a range of media - writing, songs, photos.


Alex Hotchkin, Rebecca Scott, Francesca Rendle-Short, Jarryd Williams, Melody Ellis, Michelle Aung Thin, Stayci Taylor, Ronnie Scott, Mads Oustrup, Nicole Wheatley, Jo Trentini, Kat Clarke, Matt Blackwood, Ian Johnson, Kate Barrelle, Kat Skull, Anthony Winnick, Ihaia Murchie, Daniel Tucceri, David Burke, Danny Walsh, Cameron Lee, Tim Lukey, Percy Robinson, Ed Coghlan, Andy, Jamie, Bambi, Crystal, Ahmed, Mat, Daniel, Fuarosa, Jaguar, and Nick.