The support we offer young people

STREAT's Youth Programs Team is multidisciplinary.  It's made up of youth workers, a social worker and is supported by a clinical and forensic psychologist.  At STREAT we want to see teenagers and young adults thrive in every part of their lives, and we help them do that by empowering them to build a healthy sense of self, find a 'healthy' job and establish a healthy home.

  • Healthy self – we provide wrap-around support including individual case management, linkages to other specialist service providers as needed (drug and alcohol, mental health, housing services), professional and personal development workshops, creative (arts based) programs, and social activities. 
  • Healthy job – we have an amazing team of people at STREAT, and together with our training provider (Melbourne Polytechnic) and a number of other professionals, we offer a range of programs that include work experience, professional development workshops, units of competency toward a Certificate III in Commerical Cookery, individualised education and training transition support, and awesome guest speakers from relevant businesses.  Inluded in the work experience is one-on-one mentoring in one of our businesses sites.  All of this helps a young person get ready for the workforce.
  • Healthy home – with the amazing help of a wide range of housing service providers from across Melbourne, we work towards getting our young people into safe, long term homes.

Our programs

We offer young people a range of programs which can be completed individually or as a full pathway to gain more skills and confidence:

  • ‘Tasters’ are typically two-hour long introductions to STREAT and hospitality as a career.  They're run on the first Thursday of every month from 2pm onwards.  The days we run Tasters on are not negotiable.  Tasters are an immersive experience that include spending time in our coffee roastery, our bakery, our production kitchen and our Cromwell cafe.  Young people get to learn about STREAT, social enterprise and life in the hospitality industry, while also doing a little cooking and a little coffee making.  Tasters are targetted at community organisations and groups who work with young people.  You can download the application form right here: PDF icon tasters.pdf
  • ‘Entree’ is a rolling eight-week program for young people wanting to access hospitality focused work experience.  The program includes eight work experience sessions in one of our businesses, personal support sessions, and case assistance for those young people who request it.  Download the application form here: PDF icon entree-main_course-dessert.pdf
  • ‘Main Course’ – is a fully supported program which includes on-the-job training and mentoring, personal and professional development workshops, a training option that provides units of competency stoward a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery, social excursions, and individual case managed support (including linkages to specialist service providers).
    Upon graduating from Main Course, participants have an option of either going on to complete their Certificate III with our preferred registered training organisation, Melbourne Polytechnic, or getting some help finding employment.
    STREAT provides participants with lunch every Life Skills and Work Experience day, and also provides aprons for work experience and TAFE.  Melbourne Polytechnic provide the chef tools for the TAFE training part of the program (because they're awesome).
    There is a nominal fee for Main Course.  If a young person opts to do the program with the TAFE component, the cost is $150.  If a young person opts to do the program without the TAFE component, the cost is $100.  These fees don't cover the entire cost of the program, but are a contribution toward it.  Fees are payable once a young person completes the first two weeks of the course.  To become a part of the program, download the application form right here:  PDF icon entree-main_course-dessert.pdf
  • 'Dessert' – a creative expression and arts based program. During this program young people work with a range of arts professionals to explore their creativity and tell their stories in a supported environment. Check out more info about our Dessert program here. You can also download the application form here: PDF icon entree-main_course-dessert.pdf

A typical week in the Main Course program

If a trainee has signed up for our most intensive program, Main Course, they'll be kept pretty busy, but it's a really fun and exciting kind of busy!  In a typical week at STREAT a trainee will spend one day with the Youth Programs Team doing group-based professional and personal development workshops mixed in with social excursions and other fun activities, then another day at Melbourne Polytechnic working in a live industrial kitchen to get units of competency toward a Certificate III qualification.  On another day in the week they'll be doing work experience in either our production kitchen, a'la'carte kitchen, bakery, coffee roastery, or in one of our cafes.  Interspersed through all of that is regular personal support from our Youth Programs Team.   All of our programs are integrated, flexible and are designed to ‘wrap’ around a trainee.  STREAT is about honouring a young person's journey and meeting them "where they're at", so we can co-design and then build a more exciting and rewarding future for them.

Professional and personal development workshops (aka "Life Skills")

The group-based personal and professional development program has key modules on emotional management, problem solving, healthy relationships, communication, budgeting, employability skills, professional behaviours, conflict management and much more. Working with our Youth Programs team, trainees also develop their personal goals at the start of each program, and then a self-management plan which we use through-out their transition to open employment.


STREAT has a number of outcomes that it aims for, which are detailed in our Theory of Change.

Primarily, we work toward creating a sense of belonging in our young people while supporting them to develop a healthy sense of self, find a healthy living environment, and find work that will meet their needs with an employer that will support them.

Examples of what we consider a "successful" outcome include:

- participants continuing on with our preferred training provider, Melbourne Polytechnic, to complete their Certificate III qualification in Commercial Cookery;
- a young person transitioning into employment that is no less than 15 hours a week, with the likelihood of better hours in the near future;
- a young person transitioning into other education, including going back to school if they had disengaged from education while in high school;
- if homeless, one of the above and that young person being successfully supported into safe accommodation in collaboration with one of our community sector partners;
- in general, every young person we work with feeling like they've developed a stronger sense of connection with friends, family or the wider community, and;
- a young person feeling a greatear sense of control over their life... among many other things.

For every young person, the process of achieving an outcome is progressional and STREAT works with each individual to stage their movement forward so that we don't set them up to fail.  For some, the journey will be swift, and for others it may take a little longer, but STREAT is committed to the journey and to walking beside a young person as they gain the confidence and resilience they need to tackle the next stage of their life.

More information

You can get in touch with the Youth Programs team on:

  • Phone: (03) 9629 4222
  • Email:
  • If you’d like to apply to one of our courses, visit the following Apply page. 
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